We present programmes in the parishes, schools – where people are. We ask that Parish Priests/Catechist Coordinators /School Principals contact their nearest CBF office to further enquire about our programmes.

Even if you are far away from the nearest Centre we will make a plan!.

In KZN we also run programmes at the MaryD Study Hall at the CBF house in 305 Avondale Road Durban.

BIBLICAL SPIRITUALITY SEMINAR (Also known as Basic Bible Seminar)

4 weeks @ one and a half hours to two hours and includes:

•  An overview of the Bible: What is the bible? who, how and why it was written.
•  Introduction to the Old Testament: the structure and the message.
•  Introduction to the New Testament : the Christian message Jesus offers and the way to be a disciple.
•  Bible as source of Life: We look at how we read the Sacred Scriptures in the light of our life experience.

This is an ideal way to introduce the richness of Sacred Scripture to individuals, Parish Ministries, RCIA and Catechists. And to encourage Bible Sharing groups and Small Christian Communities.


6 Weeks @ one and a half hours to two hours

This programme introduces us to “Windows” (tools) that we can use to enter deeply into the meaning and understanding of the text. Of even greater importance is that the Word of God enters deeply into us and our lives as we use each “Window”

Some levels are: Movement, wholeness and Completeness, Emotions, Biblical Insights etc.


What is EST and what does EST offer?

•  EST is a response to the urgent cry of many Bible sharing groups for user friendly, affordable guiding material.
•  EST follows the Journey of the People of God through the Scriptures. It makes no attempt to offer comprehensive scholarly exegesis.
•  EST offers bite-sized beginnings to tempt the user to grow and stretch his/her present understanding of Scripture.
•  EST is designed for groups using co-operative learning methods. The group is will learn from both the material and their shared insights.

Basic Lectio Divina

4 weeks. A basic programme to introduce us to Lectio Divina

“We read under the eyes of God until the heart is touched and leaps to flame.”
Dom Marmion

We go through the 4 steps of Lectio Divina (Holy Reading)

•  Lectio We read
•  Meditatio Meditate
•  Oratio Pray
•  Contemplation God takes over


4 weeks (or a day)

When the lector proclaims the Scriptures, he/she is the centre of everyone’s attention. If the lector fails to dedicate him/herself to the continued practice of proclamation techniques, the reading of the word of God may even have a deadening effect on that day’s liturgy.

“The proclamation is a solemn announcement, something read for the people to hear…Because the proclamation is essentially a communication of thought, the meaning of the message is the important thing. Therefore the art of reading aloud has to be perfected. Reading must be clear, exact, expressive. It must interpret the meaning of the words”.

The reader…should be and should appear a specialist, therefore, because only a specialist can make a special ceremony a perfect one.

School and Parish Retreats for all ages.

In 2008 we launched a pilot programme for “Bread for the Journey”,

In 2009 this programme will be presented in nine diocese.

Bread for the Journey
A THREE YEAR PROGRAMME ON SCRIPTURE for Catechists, Teachers,  and ALL Lovers of Scripture

This is a “Formation Programme”.

It is intended that participants will experience personal growth within their Christian spiritual life and in their knowledge and use of Scripture.

Having experienced the Word of God and made it part of their daily personal spirituality they will be able to CREATIVELY introduce others to the wonders of Scripture.

In drawing up the content of the programme close attention has been given to the lessons set out in CORD and Life Bound (Official programmes for schools and catechesis). Teachers and Catechists will find that the content of the programme will be of much benefit to them as they prepare their lessons.


Build a Biblical Culture as the foundation for Lectionary Based Catechesis – Catechetics under the Word, linked to the Liturgical Seasons.

The development of a Scripture Based Spirituality in educators and thence in the learners.


3.1 A commitment to the establishment of Scripture Groups breaking open the Word as a means of spreading the use of the Scriptures in our daily lives.


3.2 A commitment to involvement within the parish in the Pastoral Biblical Apostolate.

3.3 Establish a network of: “Apostles of the Word”

This course will give participants the tools to unlock the scriptures for themselves and others and if you are a Catechist it will help you in your ministry.

Establishment of an on-going support system for persons in the Pastoral Biblical Apostolate – website


To give the learners a good experience of Scripature.

Complimentary to the cord programme of High Schools
Complimentary to the Life Bound programme of Primary school


We come into the school on a given day and run this retreat for a specific grade. On this day the learners in that grade are on retreat for the day.

We offer Retreats for from Grade 1 to Grade 12.