Our programmes are “hands on”, always taking you to Scripture and providing insights that can help one draw from the treasure in the Word and help you live a full life. They reveal the riches of the Word and its transforming power by providing different tools that show you how to enjoy the kingdom of heaven by loving self, loving others as ourselves and loving God.

Our unique gift is that we show how the Word of God is a book for all times and how it can be consulted in every situation and how it can bring you love, peace, hope and healing.

This is the starting point of a life long journey with the Word of God.

The seminar introduces participants to sacred Scripture in all its richness.  It presents an overview of the Bible, its origin, Old and New Testament.

Understanding the depth of meaning and beauty of God’s Word is not reserved for learned scholars. With a little help each one of us can discover from the biblical text The Living Word of God that examines, steers and moulds our lives. (John Paul ll)

The programme offers tools needed to find greater meaning in the Word.  Among others these include: characters; significance of repetition; emotions; wholeness and completeness.  Insights obtained from this workshop help us learn from the text how we can learn from Christ and be like him.

The programme focuses study on the Gospel for the Liturgical year: Matthew, Mark and Luke.

The Gospel of John is a weekend Retreat, giving you more time for reflection and meditation.

It is designed for those who seek to grow from the joy of gospels or deepen their relationship

with God including especially:

  • Catechists
  • Religious education teachers
  • Parents, parish leadership, the religious
  • those in leadership positions at work or business

Getting to know the God of Mercy and how we can be merciful like Him.

It isan exciting and fun method of sharing Scripture.  The programme offers clear commentary on texts used.  It compliments other Scripture sharing programmes like “Renew Africa”, Alpha and others.  It provides more meaning and understanding to what God is saying to us. 

  • First Holy Communion
  • Confirmation
  • Lenten
  • Silent
  • Targeted: for families, sodalities, leadership, teachers’ and as requested.
  • Schools: Grade 1 – Grade 12.

(Proclaimers & Extra Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist)

The workshop prepares one to appreciate and execute the extraordinary responsibility to communicate God’s message and distribute Communion to his people.

This is an enriching method of praying Scripture. The programme allows the healing power of the Word to become active and present in our lives.

The workshop also offers guided prayer and reflection.

Nurturing divine inspired leadership for those who hold leadership positions in the


  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Women’s Day
  • Youth Day
  • Heritage Day