Bible Sunday 2011


August will soon be upon us and we invite all parishes in South Africa to celebrate Bible Sunday.

Posters and Booklets to support this day will be sent / distributed to all parishes in early July 2011.

Bible Sunday is an annual event dedicated to celebrating the wonderful gift of the Bible. It has been endorsed by the Catholic Bishops conference.

You can join in celebrating Bible Sunday by:

•  Praying for the Biblical Apostolate in South Africa

•  Using the catechetical resources provided

•  Participating in Bible Sunday Mass at your parish

•  Making a donation to the work of the Catholic Bible Foundation and the Bible Society.


Endorsement of Bible Sunday

We read in the Gospel of Luke how, on two occasions, Jesus opened the Scriptures to his disciples after his resurrection. Through the Scriptures they came to believe in the Risen Christ. This indicates how important the Scriptures were to the early Christians. Our Bishops similarly underlined this importance by their decision to establish a National Bible Sunday (January 2005).

The Catholic Bishops Conference supports this initiative and encourages the faithful to celebrate Bible Sunday as a further step in making Scripture an essential part of their spirituality.

+Buti Tlhagale omi
President of the Catholic Bishops Conference

Endorsement of the Celebration of Bible Sunday on 29 August 2010

For the past five years the Archdiocese under the leadership of the Catholic Bible Foundation, has been celebrating Bible Sunday. This is to draw our attention to the value of Scared Scripture in the life of the Church and every Christian.

Bible Sunday gives us the opportunity to highlight a most fundamental aspect of our faith, namely that it is a faith that has the Word of God as its very foundation.

This is what led St Jerome, one of our early Church fathers, to say: “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ”.

Both the Bible Society of South Africa, which is an ecumenical body focused on making Bibles available as cheaply as possible and the Catholic Bible Foundation of South Africa, which in its turn focuses on helping Catholics to give the Bible a special place in their lives, use Bible Sunday to bring everyone to a deeper appreciation of the Scriptures through the Biblical Apostolate.

For this reason I urge everyone to participate in and support Bible Sunday by making a generous and enthusiastic contribution to this valuable ministry.

+ Cardinal Wilfrid Napier OFM
Archbishop of Durban