Sharing Scripture Together

We thought we had it all! … BUT

Among the best kept secrets of the Millenium are the undiscovered riches in the Bible/Scriptures.

The Holy Spirit led Vatican II to become more aware of these riches and send a wake up call to the Church and to the world in “The Dogmatic Constitution of Divine Revelation (Dei Verbum)”.  The wake up call must have reached you, or you would not have looked at this wab site.  there are many trails leading to the treasure and EST is only one of them.  The EST trail makes no attempt to exhaust the treasure.

EST attempts only to whet your appetite sufficiently to sput you on for more

We are all invited to the party…DON’T MISS IT!

What is EST and what does EST offer?

•  EST is a response to the urgent cry of many Bible sharing groups for user friendly, affordable guidied material.
•  EST follows the Journey of the People of God through the Scriptures.  It makes no attempt to  offer comprehensive scholarly exegesis.
•  EST offers bite-sized beginnings to tempt the reader to grow and stretch his/her present  understanding of Scripture
•  EST is designed for groups using co-operative learning methods.  The group is expected to  learn from both the material and their shared insights.